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Spatikam (Quartz) Lingams in Tamil Nadu Shiva Temples

Clear Quartz Rough Crystals
Spatika (Quartz) Lingam

Sphatika-linga @ Ramanathaswamy Temple installed by Vibhishan. Abhishek & deeparadhana performed to this lingam daily at 5 am.

The word, ‘Lingam’ in Sanskrit means, ‘symbol’ or 'mark.' and  the Shiva Lingam means symbol of Lord Shiva. According to Hinduism Shiva Linga or Lingam represents the phallus, the emblem of the generative power in nature.  In some shrines the Shiva lingas are "self-manifested" (svayambu) or "that which is created by its own accord."  Most of the Shiva Lingas are usually sculpted from granite  stone. Shiva Lingas may also be made of metal, precious gems, crystal, wood, earth or transitory materials such as ice.

Spatika Lingam

Spatika linga is also considered as a symbol of Lord Siva. Spatika linga puja is performed in many Shiva temples.  Spatikam (quartz) has no colour of its own, yet it takes on the colour of the substances which come in contact with it. It represents the Nirguna Brahman or the attribute less Supreme Self or formless and attribute less Shiva.

In Hindu Shiva temples, Saiva Agamas allow to worship Lord Shiva in the form of Spatika Lingam. Spatika Lingam is representing the icon of Lord Nataraja. The Spatika Lingams are protected in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva. Hindu priests offer Milk, Water, or Vhibuti consecrations to the Spatika Lingam. They also chant Shiva Panchakshari Mantra is offered 108 times. It is believed that Spatika Lingam removes all curses and negative karma and will enhance ones confidence and power.

Spatikam (Quartz)

Spatikam (Quartz) also spelled as Spadikam is the  mineral in the Earth's continental crust, after feldspar.  Spatikam is made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall formula Silicon dioxide (SiO2). In short it comprise one part silicon and two parts oxygen. Quartz belongs to the trigonal crystal system. The crystal habit ideal crystal shape is a six-sided prism (geometry) prism terminating with six-sided pyramids at each end.

Spatikam is the semi-precious gemstone. There are many different varieties of spatikam. High quality quartz crystals are single-crystal silica with optical or electronic properties that make them suitable for hardstone carvings. The Hindu temples in South India use this semi-precious mineral for making Shiva Lingams. Spatikam beads are made from translucent rose quartz are cut and polished as beads. Each bead is about ten millimeters in diameter. It is good conductor of heat. Hence people wear  spatikam jewelry (mala) to keep their body cool. Some other people claim that these beads have healing properties.


Thillai Natarajah Temple, Chidambaram is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in the town of Chidambaram, East-Central Tamil Nadu, South India. Chidambaram temple is considered as one of the most ancient and most celebrated of Shiva temples  in India. Saivites attach great religious as well as historic and cultural significance with this temple. In this temple Lord Shiva is an embodiment of the infinite SKY. Chidambaram temple  is associated with Lord Nataraja, or Shiva in his Ananda Tandava pose (the Cosmic Dance of bliss) in the cosmic golden hall (Ponnambalam) and the hall of consciousness (Chit Sabha).  Lord Shiva is also worshipped in this temple as "formless form" and this fact is being understood as Chidambara Rahasyam. This temple is known for its Akasa Lingam, an embodiment of Shiva as the formless Space. The word "Koyil" or temple in the Tamil Saivite tradition refers to none other than the Chidambaram Nataraja temple.

The Hindu monk Adi Sankara is said to have presented a Spatika Lingam which is still under worship in this temple.  This Spatika Lingam, instituted at Chitsabha, is being represented as Lord Chandramauleeswara (A form of Lord Shiva). Also in the Chitsabha are images of Ratnasabhapati (Nataraja of Ruby), Swarnakarshana Bhairavar, Mukhalingam etc.

Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai

Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple is a historic Hindu temple located in the south side of river Vaigai  in the temple city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is dedicated to Parvati who is known as Meenakshi and her consort, Shiva named here as Sundareswarar(beautiful deity). The temple forms the heart and lifeline of the 2500 year old city of Madurai.

The centuries old Spatika Lingam held in this temple has developed cracks and hence a new six inch tall Spatika Lingam with the right specification has been brought from Himalayas.  It is learned that this Lingam is worth over Rs.7.5 lakh. The new Spatika Lingam is being the companion (Udaiyavar) to Lord Sundareswarar. The brass container used to preserve the  Lingam was replaced with golden container. The new silver consecration base (abhisheka peedam) weighing about 12 kg. was also made for the formal ‘Prathishtam. The new Spatika Lingam was first consecrated on March 16, 2012.

Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameshwaram

Ramanathaswamy Jyotirlinga Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the Rameswaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.  The Temple is also one of the 12 Jyothirlinga temples, where Shiva is worshipped in the form of a ''Jyotirlingam'' meaning  "pillar of light". The temple is located in Rameshwaram, an island town in South India, considered a holy pilgrimage site for both Shaivites and Vaishnavites.

Ramanathaswamy temple was built during the 12th century and widely expanded during the Thanjavur Nayak kingdom period in the late 16th century.  Ramanathaswamy temple is known for its longest corridor among all Hindu temples in India.
In the first inner corridor, devotees offer worship to the venerated white Spatika Lingam.  The Sri Chakra (Sethu Peetam) and the Spatika Lingam were instituted by the Hindu monk Adi Sankara. Spatika lingam darshan is offered to the pilgrims during early morning hours i.e, morning between 5 and 6 am. It is a great experience.

Ekambaranathar Temple

Ekambaranathar Temple or Ekambareswarar Temple is a Saivite Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in Kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Ekambaranathar Temple is the largest temple and is located in the northern part of the temple town in Kanchipuram. The temple ''gopuram'' (gateway tower) is 59m tall, which is one the tallest ''gopurams'' in India.

It is one of the five major Shiva temples or ''Pancha Bootha Sthalams'' (each representing a natural element) representing the element - '''Earth'''. The other four temples in this category are Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswara (water), Chidambaram temple (Sky), Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleswara (fire) and Kalahasti temple (wind).  It is one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams, where all of the four most revered Nayanars (Saivite Saints) have sung the glories of this temple.

Swetharanyeswarar Temple, Thiruvenkadu

Swetharanyeswarar Temple is the Hindu Shiva temple located in the town of Thiruvenkadu near Sirkazhi. The prime deity is Lord Swetharanyeswarar (lord of white forest) or Lord Shiva and His consort is goddess Brahma Vidya ambal. There is a separate Sannidhi for Bhudhan (mercury (planet). The temple is quite larger premises and all four important Saivite saints have sung hymns in praise of this lord. This temple has one rare Spatika Lingam. Special worship services are offered to Natarajar and the associated Spatika Lingam, as in Chidambaram.

Sankara Narayanan temple, Sankarankovil

Sankara Narayanan temple is located in the town Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli District and 56 km away from Thirunelveli City. It was built by Ukira Pandiyan AC 900. It houses the deity by the name Sankara Narayanan, which is half - Lord Shiva and the other half - Lord Vishnu. "Adi Thabasu" is main festival at this temple. In older times, the city was called as Sankaranayinar kovil. Even now it is called as Sankaran Kovil. The deities of this temple are Sri Sankareswarar, Sri Gomathi Amman and Sri Sankara Narayanar.

Lord Shiva has agreed to perform consecration to Lord Vishnu. Therefore consecration is performed to the Sphatika Lingam present inside the sanctum sanctorum. One view is that the Sphatika Lingam was instituted by Adi Sankara and yet another view states that the Sphatika Lingam was established by Sri Narasimha Bharathi Swamy of Shringeri Mutt.

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Lord Venkateshwara : Benign Presence and Benevolent Grace

Tirumala Venkateswara Temple: Vimanam and Gopuram (Wikimedia)
Tirumala Temple as seen from Srivari Padalu on Narayanagiri hill (Wikipedia)
Malayappa swami along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi during the annual Vasanthotsavam ceremony (Wikimedia)
Harati to Lord Venkateswara

Lord Venketeshwara is also known as the Lord of seven hills (Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrishabhadri, Narayanadri and Venkatadri.)   The seven hills are believed to represent the seven hoods of Lord Adisesha. The holy abode Lord Venketeshwara is at Venkatadri or Venkatachala, the seventh peak.

No one could find an equal place like Venkatadri and no god is so benevolent and graceful than Lord Venketeshwara. Tirumala Tirupati is considered as one among the 108 Divya Desams (Praised Al wars – Vaishanava Saints). There are about 202 hymns sung by nine Alwars i.e, Perialwar (7 hymns), Andal (16 hymns), Thiruppaan Alwar  (2 hymns), Kulasekaralwar (11 hymns), Thirumazhisaialwar – (14 Hymns), Poigaialwar (10 hymns), Boothathalwar ( 9 hymns), Peialwar ( 19 hymns), Nammalwar ( 52 hymns), Thirumangaialwar 62 hymns), Grand Total 202 hymns.

1.    The Holy Hymns of Alwars, Asthta-Dasa Puranam, the Hindu epics and Shastras praise the benign presence and benevolent grace of the Lord Venketeshwara. Every Hindu considers that a pilgrimage to Tirumala and Tirupati is a unique soul-stirring experience. The importance of the pilgrimage to Tirumala and Tirupati is explained in Rig Veda and Puranas.

2.    On your way to the main temple complex (about one kilometer away), you will find the most ancient (2500 million years old) and rare  structured and decorated stones called ‘Sila Thorana’ and such kind of rare kind of stone formations will not be found anywhere in the world.  It is believed that the icon of the Lord found in the Sanctum Sanctorum also belongs to this age.

3.    Therefore on the icon of the Lord always maintains a standard temperature of around 110 degree Fahrenheit. Is it not a surprise? There is always a cold climate prevails around this 3500 feet tall hill temple. On Thursdays before the ablution or abhishekam the temple priests (while removing the robes) find that the icon exhibits warm temperature. As soon as the priests complete ablution or abhishekam (during early morning 4.30 am), the rare stone icon show water particles like human sweating. The temple priests gently wipe the water particles from the icon using a fine silk cloth.

4.    You can prostrate yourself and worship the prime deity Lord Venketeshwara, awesome eight feet tall icon, at the Sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The ‘Anandha Nilaya Diva Vimanam,’ dome like tower above the Sanctum sanctorum, is guild ed with glittering gold sheets.

5.    You can witness Namam (thick white mark worn by Vaishanavites on their forehead) on the forehead of the Lord. The temple priests used draw this thick double patched white religious mark on Lords forehead using Pachai karpooram or refined camphor. You will also find a thick red line drawn using Kasthuri.

6.    You can also see the Lord adorning golden headgear embedded with precious emerald stones. During the occasions of Brahmothsavam festival, the Lord will be adorned with the thirty crore rupees worth diamond headgear or crown.

7.    You will find two bright golden ear ornaments called ‘Makhara Kundhala.’ The right hand of the Lord bears golden Chakra (weapon) embedded with gems and left hand holds golden Sankha or Conch.

8.    His ear’s are bedecked with shinning golden. The fist of his right raised hand is implanted with a gem-set chakra and the corresponding left fist is with the Sankha.

9.    You can see the rare ‘Salagrahma’ linked with gold and appearing like a huge garland. This ornament weighs about twelve kilograms and this can be adorned to the Lord with the help of three priests. Another ornament adorned by the Lord is known as ‘Surya Kadari’ and this one weighs about five hundred kilograms. What you see covering the Lord’s feet is known as ‘Pada Kavacham’ which is weighing about three hundred and seventy five kilograms.

10.    The unique ‘blue stone’ is a very rare piece and you will not get any similar piece in any part of the world. Do you know the value of this piece alone? It is about one hundred crore rupees only. 
11.    The prime deity in other Vaishnavite shrines normally poses with His weapons like holy wheel (sudharshana Chakra), Conch (panchajanyam), mace (Gomodhakee – gathai), bow (Sarngam), sword (Nandhakam). However at Tirumala the Lord poses with Chakra and Sankha. The Lord is described as the Lord without weapons or Nirayudhapani.

12.    The tamarind tree is considered as the holy tree (Sthala vriksham) of this shrine.

13.    You may be surprised to note that the priests use ‘vilva’ (Aegle marmeolus) leaves are submitted to the Lord during archana on Fridays as well as during Dhanur month (December 15 – January 15).

14.    On the occasion of Mahashivratri (Great Night devoted to Lord Shiva), a kind of festival called Shetra Palika’ is celebrated at this temple.  On this auspicious day the Urchava Moorthy (idol used to take out in a palanquin for procession) is adorned with a jewel resembling like vibuthi streaks (basmam used to apply on the foreheads of Saivites).

15.    Do you know the age of the beautiful paintings as well as murals? It is about three hundred years old. The paintings/murals at the Tirupathi are over 300 years old.


16.    The total stone inscriptions found inside the temple complex amounts to 1180 numbers. The inscriptions spans over a period of 1079 years (from 830 AD to 1909 AD). Most of them are in Tamil (1130 numbers) and only 50 of them are in Telugu or Kannada. They are categorized according to their periods. Some 236 numbers are related to the rulers of Pallavas, Cholas and Pandyas. Another 169 numbers are related with the Chalukya rulers. Some 229 numbers are related with the Telugu emperor Krishna Devaraya and some other inscriptions in relation with prominent rulers of Vijayanagara Kingdom include Achutha Rayar (251 numbers) and Sadasiva Rayar (147 numbers). The remaining 139 numbers belongs to the Kondai Veedu Kings.

17.    The stone inscriptions and the copper plates found in this temple reveals that early rulers of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have offered prayers to the Lord and to mention a few like rulers of Pallava Kingdom of Concheepuram during 9th Century, rulers of Chola Kingdom of Thanjavoor during 10th Century, rulers of Pandya Kingdom of Madurai of the same period and the rulers of Vijayanagar (Andhra Pradesh) during 14th – 15th Century. The precious jewels offered as endowments by these ancient rulers are still preserved in this shrine.

18.    It is estimated that the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) is in possession of about 20 tones of gold and rarest diamond jewelry. Most of these precious jewelry items can be conveniently categorized as ancient and belonged to 12th century or before. Another interesting estimation is that the value of jewelry properties may be around rupees one lakh crore and the figure is almost equal to half of the budget of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

19.    A replica of the prime deity Lord Venketeshwara in a miniature size was installed in the year 966 AD. All ablutions are performed for this icon and decorated with the jewelry. The inscriptions inform us about the offer made by the Pallava Queen Kadavan Perum Devi, the wife of the Pallava ruler Sakthi Vidangan. The offerings include jewelery and other items. Also there are inscriptions and other evidences to inform about the endowments created by the Chola emperor First Kulothungan.

20.    You can also find the idols of the great emperor Krishnadevaraya with his two wives at the main temple complex.

21.    Also there are evidences about the endowments established permanently to the Lord by the well known Raghoji Bhonsle, the Maratha General.  He has also donated precious jewels like large sized emerald stone to the Lord. Other rulers who have endowed jewels include the Mysore rulers and the rulers of gadwall.

22.    It is surprising to note that the rulers of the East India Company like Sir Thomas Monroe and Col. Geo Stratten also paid homage to the Lord. There was special offering called Monroe Thaligai
23.    In the recent past the Karnataka Tourism Minister Gali Janardhan Reddy offered the most precious ‘diamond studded crown’ to the Lord. The headgear bears diamonds worth of rupees forty two crores.

24.    You will be surprised to hear that there was huge donation made by an anonymous donor and the amount was estimated as 1100 crore rupees. The donor simply made arrangements to drop fifty gold bricks (valued about 240 million US Dollars) in the hundi.

25.    The Lord’s inner robes are prepared by the tribal community known as Chenchu. They also prepare the inner garments for the Goddess Alamelu Manga. They observe extreme devotion and keep themselves away from liquor and meat.

26.    Do you know that the outer robe (Mel Saththu Vasthiram) offered to adorn the Lord is costing Rupees Twenty Thousand only. The devotees are offering this robe to the Lord. TTD accepts only fifteen pieces every day. If you want to offer one such piece to the Lord, you have to wait for TEN years for your turn from the date of remittance of your money. The State Government of Andhra Pradesh offers two such pieces every year.

27.    The silk costume (saree like robe) has definite length and breadth and the length is about 21 arm lengths (one arm length is equal to one and half feet) or 31 ½ feet and this costume weighs about six kg. The robe will be adorned to the Lord only Fridays. Such a kind of robe cannot be manufactured or purchased in the market. If you are desirous of offering one such robe to the Lord, you have to pay rupees twelve thousand five hundred only at the TTD office and you have to keep waiting for about THREE years for you to get your turn.

28.    The Temple Priests will do ablution or abhishekam to the Lord everyday during early morning between 04.30 and 05.30 a.m. It is strongly believed that the Lord opens His THIRD eye during ablution or abhishekam. The ablution or abhishekam water is passed to the Pushkarani (Temple Tank). Hence a dip in the Pushkarani is also considered as holy.

29.    The cost of the ablution or abhishekam costs Rupees ONE LAKH only. If you want to perform ablution or abhishekam to the Lord you have wait for THREE years for your turn. TTD gets the most important items required for ablution from different countries:

a.    Saffron – Received from Spain
b.  Kasthuri (An important perfume substance with fragrance is obtained from the Musk Deer) – Received from Nepal
c.   Punugu (Another perfume substance obtained from a kind of specific cats) – Received from China.
d.   Some Other Perfumes – Received from Paris (France)

30.    The temple staff keep themselves engaged in the preparation of perfume paste for Friday Abhishekam on Thursday night. The specific place meant for this preparation is named as Parimala room.

31.    Many more perfumeries are also obtained from China and to mention a few – akil wood, Camphor (Chinese variety), clove (lavangam), niryasam, saffron, thamalam, sandal wood, thakkolam.
32.    Do you know where from the roses are imported for the Lord? Yes. The fresh and rare rose flowers are packed and airlifted from Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. Do you know the cost of each rose flower? It is rupees eighty only.

33.    Legend says that Lord Kuberan (Lord of Wealth and North Direction) has remitted huge wealth to Lord Venketeshwara to celebrate His marriage with His consort Goddess Padmavathi (Alarmelmangai). Due to this reason devotee comes to Tirupati and donate money, jewels and other offerings. The Lord can settle Lord Kuberan’s debts using the donations offered by devotees.

34.    Sri Andal is one of the twelve Vaishanavite Saints (Alwars) and she is the only Saintess. She is also known as Kothai Nachiyar. Sri Andal belonged to the period of 8th century. She lived at Srivilliputhur, another important Diva Desam located at the South of Tamil Nadu. Andal means (Girl who ruled the Lord Vishnu). She used to offer flower garland to the Lord after wearing herself (Choodi kodutha Chudarkkodi). Even today the flower garland adorned by Sri Andal is being brought to Tirumala and adorned once again to the Lord.

35.    The madapalli (kitchen attached to the temple) is huge and equipped with gadgets to produce  ‘Neivedyam’ (offerings to God) like appam, athirasam,  badam kesari, cashew nut kesari, curd rice,  dosa, jilebi, laddu, milagu vadai, murukku, payasam, poli, rava kesari, tamarind rice, other variety rices, vadai and others in a mass scale. However the temple priests offer curd rice in a fresh mud pot or vessel as neivedyam. All other menu items prepared as offerings to the Lord will not cross the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum. If any devotee obtains either mud pot or the curd rice offered as neivedyam from the priests, he is definitely considered as the one blessed with grace of the Lord.


1.    TTD depends on donors for daily floral needs
2.    Valuation of Tirumala jewels to be over by June
3.    Tirupati’s Lord Venkateswara weighed down by crowns
4.    Astonishing Wonders and Miracles of Thirupathi
5.    Offerings pour in for gold plating of Tirumala temple

Lord Venkateshwara : Benign Presence and Benevolent Grace by Muthusamy R published in Relijournal on December 30, 2010

Balaji Abhishekam Lord Srinivasa - Tirumala Tirupati - Venkateswara abhisheka ttd venkatesa

Tirupati Venkateswara swamy 60 years old rare video footage. Original shoot in tirumala

150 crore year history of Lord Venkateshwara - Tv9 


Siddhars Lesser Known and their Jeeva Samadhis in South India

Who are siddhas ? 

Siddhars are saints in India, mostly of the Saivaite denomination in Tamil Nadu, who professed and practised an unorthodox type of Sadhana, or spiritual practice, to attain liberation. They are Siddhas because they attained siddhi, i.e. "power, prowess, strength, ability", a special kind of psychic and supernatural, miraculous, occult power. According to Thirumoolar: "Those who live in yoga and see the divine light and power through yoga are the siddhars (Tamil Chittar)".

Siddha Tombs (Memorials) are known as Jeeva Samadi. Jeeva or Sajeeva / Jiva / Samadhi means "becoming one" with the universal consciousness or merging with the Divine. This is a state where Siddhas enters into the samadhi state at their own will after completion of their mission on earth and their mind completely dissolved into the Divine, They stop the functioning of the body and mind. 

This post lists out some lesser known Siddhars and their Jeeva Samadhis located in Tamil Nadu
Area Exact Location Name of the Siddhar Location Information
Andhra PradeshNarayanavanamSorakaya SwamiSorakaya Swami Samadhi, Narayanavanam, 3 Kms from Puthur, 35 km away from Tirupati
Andhra PradeshMantralayamGuru Raghavendrar Swamy13 Kms from Mantralayam Road Railway Station near the banks of Adhoni River
ArakkonamSirunamalliArunchalaya AyyaSirunamalli near (Nemili)
ArakkonamNaagaveduAmalananda Swamigal Vimalananda SwamigalAmalananda Swamigal Madam, Naagavedu (near Arakkonam)
ArakkonamNarasingapuramArulananda SwamigalArulananda Swamigal Madalayam, Narasingapuram-from Arakkonam via Kavanur
AruppukottaiAruppukottaiVeerabadhra Swamy (Ayya Swamy)Near Pavadi Thoppu
AruppukottaiAruppukottaiDakshinamoorty SwamyNear Sokkalingapuram Nehru Park
AruppukottaiAruppukottaiSuppan SwamiyarNear Kamatchi Amman Temple in Sokkalingapuram
AruppukottaiAruppukottaiAthmananda Rama SwamyNear Sokkalingapuram Sivan Temple Pond - West side
AruppukottaiMettu GunduKadaparai Azhagar Sami ThathaMettu Gundu
AruppukottaiMettu GunduThakaram Thatti ThathaAt Mettu Gundu - enroute Aruppukottai-Irukkankudi
AruppukottaiPuliyooran VillagePuliyooran Siddhar10 Kms from Aruppukottai at Puliyooran Village
AruppukottaiKattangudiReddi Swamy15 Kms from Aruppukottai at Kattangudi
AruppukottaiKotturKottur Guru SwamyKottur Village
AruppukottaiVemburKandavel Paradesi20 Kms-Enroute Aruppukottai-Ettayapuram at Vembur
AruppukottaiVadakku NathamArumugha SwamyVadakku Natham Village
ChennaiKalpakkamSadguru Om Sri Siddhar SwamyPuthupattinam near Kalpakkam
ChennaiAmbatturKanniyappa SwamiAmbathur State Bank Colony
ChennaiVadapalaniAnnasami, Rathinasami, BakiyaligamValli Thirumana Mantapam, Nerkundram Road, Vadapalani, Chennai - 600026 Ph No: 24836903
ChennaiRajakilpakkamSachidananda Sadguru SwamiAkanda Paripoorna Sachidananda Sabha, Rajakilpakkam (Between East Tamparam-Velachery)
ChennaiAzhinjivakkamMallayasamiIn between Chenkundram-Periyapalayam, next to Karanodai, at the end of Kuchasthalai Bridge end
ChennaiPoonmalleeKarlakattai SiddharPoonmalle Vaitheeswaran Koil
ChennaiNorth ThirumullaivayilAnnai NeelammayarAnnai Chellammal, Atma Gnana Yogi Annai Neela Ammaiyar Ashram, 37/1, North Mada Street, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai – 600062. Ph: 26382131
ChennaiTirukazhukundramMahan Subbiah SwamyNear Thirukazhmkundram Bus Stand. 16 Kms from Chengalpattu - South East direction.
ChennaiTiruottriyurPattinatharGet down at Tiruottiyur Market Bus Stop. Samadhi is near the sea shore
ChennaiTirukachurKuzhanthai Velayudha SiddharKulandaivel Swamigal Temple, near Maruntheeswarar Temple, Tirukachur. 12 Kms North Direction from Chengalpattu Opp Singaperumalkoil.
ChennaiVelacherryAmbalavana Swamigal1, Velachery Main Road (near Gandhisalai turning), Velachery, Chennai - 600042, Tamilnadu, India (near Dandeeswarar temple).
ChennaiPeramburAndhuguru SwamigalPerambur Madhavaram High road
ChennaiGuindyEzhumalai SwamigalNo 36, Bringu Managar (opposite to Maangulam) M.K.N. Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032.
ChennaiNanganallurGnanambikaiVel Maral Mandram (regd no 171/84) ("Poongi Maha Saras"), plot - 21, Pongi Madalayam Street (Near Modern high school, State bank colony), Nanganallur, Chennai - 600061.
ChennaiGuindyKollapuri SwamigalNo 36, Bringu Managar (opposite to Maangulam) M.K.N. Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032.
ChennaiGuindyKozhipi Swamigal (Sri Satyananda)Inside Saibaba Temple (near guindy bus stop) Guindy
ChennaiAlandurKulandaivel Paradesi SwamigalAbraham Nagar, Alandur - Near EB Office
ChennaiNanganallurMonambikaiVel Maral Mandram (regd no 171/84) ("Poongi Maha Saras"), plot - 21, Pongi Madalayam Street (Near Modern high school, State bank colony), Nanganallur, Chennai - 600061.
ChennaiGuindyMuniappa Paradesi SwamigalBehind Muridi's Coffee House (Presently Sangeetha Hotel), Guindy
ChennaiKodambakkamMurugappa Swamigal alias Thangavel SwamigalSiva Temple, Old No:4, New No:3, Valliammal Garden Main Road, Rengarajapuram, Kodambakkam. 2nd left of Rengarajapuram Main Road Towards Powerhouse.
ChennaiKandan chavadiNagamani AdigalarAnnasalai via Perungudi, Kandan Chavadi Bus Stop. Amman Koil - Cemetry - Nagamani Adigalar Salai
ChennaiKrishnampetNir Thisai Anandar (Munusami Mudaliyar)Gajapathy Lala Street, Krishnampet.
ChennaiKK NagarOmkaranandaSri Omkara Swami madam, Gnanodaya mandram (Dawn of Knowledge institute), Gnanodaya Alayam, Dr Subbarayan Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai -600034 Ph: 24841024 Bus 17d,37d, 25e, 25b ask for samiyar madam and opp to this stop is the samadhi.
ChennaiGuindySaangu Siddha Sivalinga NayanarNo 36, Bringu Managar (opposite to Maangulam) M.K.N. Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032.
ChennaiAlandurSanyasi SubedarAbraham Nagar, Alandur (Near E.B Office)
ChennaiVelacherrySaraswathi Ammayar1, Velachery Main Road (near Gandhisalai turning), Velachery, Chennai - 600042, Tamilnadu, India (near Dandeeswarar temple).
ChennaiEast ThamparamSatchitanandarSri Aganda Paripoorna Satchidananda Sabai Gurukshtram, Rajakilpakkam (East Tambaram), Chennai - 600073
ChennaiVelacherrySrimad Chidambara Periya Swamigal1, Velachery Main Road (near Gandhisalai turning), Velachery, Chennai - 600042, Tamilnadu, India (near Dandeeswarar temple).
ChennaiAlandurThadikara swamigalThadikara swami koil street, Alandur
ChennaiThiruvatriyurVeeraraghavarThiruvottriyur Sudukaadu (Cremation Ground)
ChennaiRajakilpakkamVenugopala Swamigalopp to Sri Aganda Paripoorna Satchidananda Sabai temple Rajakilpakkam
ChennaiChitlapakkamViboothi BabaSai Viboothi Baba Seva Samajam, 83 1st Main Road, M.C. Nagar, Chitlapakkam, P.O., Chennai Tamil Nadu, India Pin code: 600 064. 091 044
ChennaiThiruvanmiyurSarkarai AmmalNo 31, Kalakshetra road, (near Pamban Swamigal temple), Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600041
ChennaiThiruvanmiyurPamban SwamigalArulmighu Pamban Kumaragurudasar Thirukoil, Mayurapuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 41. Ph: 24911866
ChennaiThiruvanmiyurSubramanya DasarPamban Swamigal Temple
ChennaiThiruvanmiyurValmikiOpposite Maruntheeswarar Temple, Thiruvanmiyur
ChennaiThiruporurChidambara SwamigalThavathiru Chidambara Sivagnana Swamigal, Thiruporur Adheenam - 14th Matadhipathi, Thiruporur Chidambara Swamigal Chinna Madam Arulmighu Kandasamy Tirukoil, Thiruporur - 603110
ChennaiThiruporurMouna SwamigalT. C. Ekambara Swami, Sri Mouna Swamigal Madam, Kannuvarpettai, Thiruporur - 603110
ChennaiNemiliAalavandharAalavandhar Temple, Near Kovalam.
ChennaiNungambakkamVeerama munivarAsalathamman Temple, (opp Nungambakkam police station, Nungambakkam
ChennaiNungambakkamAdi SeshanandhaShiva Temple, Near ValluvarKottam, Nungambakkam
ChennaiChetpatGangadhara DesikarJaya Vinayakar Temple, Harrington Road 6th Avenue, Chetpat
ChennaiPachaiappa CollegeNadamuni SwamigalNadamuni Swamigal Madam, Near Pachaiappa College
ChennaiEgmoreMoti Baba422, Pantheon Salai (near Commisioner Office), Egmore, Chennai - 600008, Ph: 28510160
ChennaiPurasaiwalkkamEasoor SatchitanandarEasoor Satchitanandar Temple, Near Vasanthi Theatre, Purasaiwalkkam.
ChennaiThiru Vi Ka NagarVerkadalai SwamigalVerkadalai Swami Madam, Near Market, Thiru Vi Ka Nagar
ChennaiVyasarpadiKarapatra Sivaprakasa SwamigalOpposite to Ambedkar College comes Palla Street, Samiyar Thottam, Vyasarpadi.
ChennaiRoyapuramMahalinga SwamigalShiva Temple near Royapuram Bridge. Address: Cox Service Station, No: 87, Mannarsami Koil Street, Chennai 600013.
ChennaiThondiarpetGuru Dakshinamurthy SwamigalGuru Dakshinamurthy Temple, Railway Colony, Tondiarpet
ChennaiPattinathar Koil StreetAppudu SwamigalVallalar Temple, Pattinathar Koil Street
ChennaiRoyapuramStanley DargahStanley Hospital, Royapuram
ChennaiMount RoadHazrath Syed Moosa KadiriOpp to LIC. Ph: 25391521
ChennaiGuindyRaj Bhavan DargahRaj Bhavan, Guindy
ChennaiVillivakkamSabapathi SwamigalSamiyar Madam, Villivakkam.
ChennaiRed HillsKannappa SwamigalKannappa Swamigal Temple, Kavankarai, Near Red Hills)
ChennaiRed HillsSha-In-Sha BabaSha-In-Sha Baba Dargah, Budur, Red Hills
ChennaiMylaporeThiruvalluvarThiruvalluvar Koil St, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004. Ph: 24981898.
ChennaiMylaporeVasuki AmmayarThiruvalluvar Temple, Mylapore.
ChennaiMylaporeAppar SwamigalOpp Sanskrit College. Arulmighu Apparswamy Thirukoil, 171, Royapettah High road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004
ChennaiRoyapettahMuthulinga SwamigalShiva Temple (Opp P.H office which is near hotel Swagath), R.H. Road, Royapettah. Also contains the Samadhi of his disciples
ChennaiMylaporeKulandaivel SwamigalKulandaivel Swamigal Madam, J.D.P Guild Building, Chitrai Kulam, Mylapore
ChennaiMylaporeMuthaiyah SwamigalKulandaivel Swamigal Madam, J.D.P Guild Building, Chitrai Kulam, Mylapore
ChennaiThirunindravurPoosalarArulmighu Irudayaleeshwarar koil Thiruninravur Thiruvallur Mavattam – 602204
ChennaiPoonmalleKarkotaka MaharishiVaidhyanathar Temple, Poonmalle.
ChennaiThiruvalangadu,Karaikal AmmayarShiva Temple, Thiruvalangadu.
ChennaiGuduvancherryMalayala SwamigalKasi Viswanathar Temple, Guduvancherry. Contact: Amritalingam No 6, Nandipuram Guduvancheri. Phone - 954114 - 266545
ChennaiThakkolamUdhadi MaharishiShiva Temple, Thakkolam.
ChennaiMailamSivagnana Balayogi SiddharMuruga Temple, Mailam
ChennaiTiruottriyurPadakachery Ramalinga SwamyNear to Pattinathar Samadhi
ChennaiPerungulathurSrimat Sadhananda SwamigalSrimat Sadhananda Swamigal Ashramam, Alapakkam - Sadhanandapuram, Chennai – 600063
ChennaiMannivakkamMannivakkam BabaNo 211, 6th street, Ramnagar, Mannivakkam, Chennai - 600048 Contact Person: Mr Jambunathan: 9840697819, Mr Gopinathan: 9444425286.
ChennaiNanganallurRamanatha DeekshitarNanganallur
ChennaiVeperyVeera Subbaiah Swamigal (Disciple of Sri Karapatra Sivaprakasa Swamigal)Opposite to Buvaneshwari Theatre in Purasalwakkam. Address: Thavathiru Veera Subbaiah Swamigal Madam, 52, Perambur barracks road, Vepery, Chennai – 7. Ph: 26691475. Temple timings: morn: 8-10 even: 5-8
ChennaiMylaporeThiruvannamalai Adheenam Sabapathy SwamigalBackside Vasantha Bhavan Hotel (near Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore)
ChennaiTiruvottiyurSadai Amma alais KamalammalSri Tiruvudai, Kodi Idai, Vadivudai Amman Alayam, 103, Basin road, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai - 600019
ChennaiTiruvottiyurMouna SwamigalAppar Koil Street near cemetry Thiruvottiyur.
ChennaiTondiarpetKuppusami Swamigal alais Avadhuta SwamigalThiruvottiyur cemetry near Veeraraghava Swamigal Samadhi Thiruvottiyur. Contact Address of the Madam: Kumar No: 28, Varadarajaperumal Koil Street, Tondiarpet, Chennai - 600081 Ph: 25954032. Milkman Kothandam, son of this saint shall be contacted for furthur details
ChennaiTiruvottiyurSadai SwamigalSadai Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam. Contact: Poosari K. Mani, No: 45, Appar koil street, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai - 600019
ChennaiTiruvottiyurMahadevendra Saraswati IVMahadevendra Saraswati Jeeva Samadhi Alayam Sankara Madam Location: Sankara madam (Near vadivudai amman temple), Thiruvottiyur, Chennai
ChennaiTiruvottiyurRoma MaharishiVadivudaiamman Temple Location: Vadivudaiamman Temple, Thiruvottiyur Chennai
ChennaiRed hillsRajarajeshwari AmmaRajarajeshwari Amma Maha Samadhi Alayam Location:Inside a cemetry near Red hills before Sri Kannappa Swamigal Temple
ChennaiKaranodaiGnanachariyar Swamigal18 siddhar Madam, Karanodai market Aatthoor Salai (opposite to Gopikrishna Theatre), Karanodai. Cell: 9345035210
ChennaiVyasarpadiSrimat Ubaya Ityadi Ramanuja Yatheeshwara SwamigalSamiyar madam, Vyasarpadi
ChennaiPeramburMadanagopala SwamigalMelpatti Ponappa Mudali Street, opposite Ishwari Kalyana Mantapam. The place where he sat near the mantapam is the only information.
ChennaiAyanavaramEkambaranatharEkankipuram, near Ayanavaram Raghavendra temple. Currently Samadhi demolished
ChennaiSembiamMadurai SwamigalCrossing Venus Theatre, 2nd cutting on the right comes Sembiam Madurai Swamigal Madam street where lies this Samadhi Madam
ChennaiKolathur PeravalurMylai Nataraja SwamigalFrom Thiru VI Ka Nagar, after a 4-road junction comes Kolathur Peravalur. There is a Selliamman Temple and behind this temple is the Samadhi Temple.
ChennaiErukancheriSrimat Vedantam Puduvai Na Ethirajalu SwamigalEthirajalu Swami Street on the Erukancheri main road. Address: Etiraja Swami Mutt, Erukancheri Chennai – 600118.
ChennaiAmbatturAyya Suriyanatha KaruvoorarPathinen Siddhar madam, No 13, Kumaraswamy Street, Varadharajapuram, Ambattur, Chennai – 600053 Contact Number: 9345035210
ChennaiAmbatturMouna SwamigalMouna Swami Madam, opp to Sakthi Theatre, Ambattur. This Madam has A Rajarajeshwari Temple in its premisis
ChennaiThirumulaivoyilMasilamani SwamigalCholampedu thamarai kulam, in Anjaneyar koil Thirumulaivoyil
ChennaiPoonamalleeBhairava SiddharSri Varasiddhi Vinayagar koil opp to Poonamalee bus stand.
ChennaiPoonamalleeGarudakodi Siddharthe tank on the left side of the Sri Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple is the samadhi of the Siddhar. Temple route: From Chennai - Poonamalee on the Thandarai bus route is a place called Siddharkaadu. 1km from here is the temple. There is a statue of the siddhar inside the temple
ChennaiGovindaraja nagarSarva Sarpa SiddharSri Siva Siddhar Temple Govindaraja Nagar, off Mangadu, near baramputtur (porur to mangadu) in between the fields. Location: Kovur bus stand – Mata or Mookambika nagar – Govindaraja nagar - Samadhi.
ChennaiThiruthaniSurakai SwamigalSri Surakai Swami madam Address: Thiruthani, Chennai, Tamilnadu
ChennaiGuduvancheriDinakara SwamigalKalathumedu Sivan koil, near a field after the samadhi of Sri Malayala Swamigal
ChennaiOorapakkamEthiraja Rajayogi SwamigalKaranaipuducheri village via Oorapakkam. Contact Address: A. Raman / R. Gangadharan No - 7, Mariamman Koil street Karanaipuducheri, Kancheepuram dist - 603202 Cell - 321447
ChennaiG.P. RoadLord GovindaasG.P. Road Near Mahavir and Co Jeeva Samadhi
ChennaiTiruvottiyurAppan SwamigalThiruvottiyur
ChennaiPoonamalleeSri Avadhuta Roga Nivartheeshwara SwamigalAvadhuta Roga Nivartheeshwara Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam Location: Poonamallee
ChennaiAnandashramamSri Sivaramalinga SwamigalSivaramalinga Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam , Anandashramam in Chennai
ChennaiPadinallurSri Poochi SwamigalPadinallur Amman Temple, near Muneeshwaran Temple
ChennaiAlamadhiSri Komana SamiyarAlamadhi Sivan Temple
ChennaiThiruvottiyurSri Kosakadai SamiyarKosakadai Samiyar Samadhi Alayam, Thiruvottiyur
ChennaiThiruvatriyurSri Mayil AndavarMayil Andavar Samadhi Alayam, Thiruvatriyur.
ChennaiChennaiSri Siddhar (Ganapathi)Siddhar Samadhi Alayam, Rajaji Hall opposite to PR & Sons
ChennaiChetpatSri Kazhi Sivakannudaya VallalKazhi Sivakannudaya Vallal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Chetpat
ChennaiSriperumbathurSri Subramanya SwamigalSubramanya Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Neelamangalam, Sri perumbathur
ChennaiOngurSri Sundaramurthy SwamigalSundaramurthy Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Ongur, Chennai
ChennaiTiruottriyurHigh Court Swami alias AppudusamiIn the same compound of samadhi of Padakachery Ramalinga Swamy
ChennaiTiruottriyurParanjothi MahanUniversal Peace Sanctuary No 4 Thiruvotriyur High Road, New Washermanpet, Chennai - 81, Madras, India Ph: 25962634. Near Thiruottriyur Sales Tax Office, Near Thanga Maligai.
ChennaiTiruottriyurNjana Prakasa SwamiDoor 145/30, North Mada Street, Thiruottriyur - Sivamirth Njana Asram
ChennaiRayapuramGunangudi Masthan SahibBackside of Rayapuram Vegetable Market
ChennaiTiruvanmiyurPampan SwamigalNear Kalashetra in Tiruvanmiyur
ChennaiSaidapetGurulinga SwamyOld No:10, Karaneeswarar Temple Street,Saidapet
ChidambaramChidambaramManickavasagarManickavasagar Temple, Chidambaram (near nataraja temple)
ChidambaramSabanayagar StreetMouna SwamigalSri Mouna Swamigal Madalayam, 39 Sabanayagar Street Chidambaram
ChidambaramThiruvavaduthuraiTirumaligai DevarThiruvavaduthurai
ChidambaramTirukalarTirukalar AndavarThis Samadhi is near a Sivan Temple in Tirukalar, which is 21 kms on the Mannargudi - Tiruthuraipoondi highway
ChidambaramVadalurKalpattu AyyaNear Siddhivalagam, Vallalar Temple in Vadalur.
ChidambaramVadalurJothilinga SwamigalThe Samadhi is in Vadalur
ChidambaramVallalar nagarRamaswami SiddharSarva Siddhi Gnana Suriyan Tirusabai, Vallalar nagar Merupuram, Vadalur Cuddalore dist.
ChidambaramChidambaramGuru NamasivayarVengan Street, Near Kamarajar Metriculation School, Chidambaram.
ChidambaramSingarathoppueMarai Njana SambandarNear Indane Gas Godown, Singarathoppu.
ChidambaramChidambaramUmapathi SivachariyarBackside of Ambika Rice Mill, near Srinivasa Theatr, chidambaram
ChidambaramThiruvavaduthuraiThirumoolarKomukteeswarar Temple, Thiruvavaduthurai
ChidambaramChidambaramAvadhoothar SwamyGuru Ayyar Street, Chidambaram. Near Nandavanam
ChidambaramChidambaramPonnambala SwamyMannargudi Road Street, Chidambaram
ChidambaramSeerkazhiSattanatharSeerkazhi Siva Temple.
ChidambaramThenpathiKathirkama SwamyOn the Banks of Uppana River, Thenpathi. 1.5 Kms in between Seerkazhi-Vaitheeswaran Route
ChidambaramVaitheeswaran KoilDhanwantriSiva Temple, Vaitheeswaran Koil.
CoimbatorePoorandan PalayamKumarasami SiddharPanchavel Murugan Temple. Puttru Man cures diseases
CoimbatorePuravipalayam, PollachiKodi SwamyIn Puravipalayam Zamin Palace Compound
DindugalDindugalOtha Swamy (Subbiah Swamy)West of Dindugal forthill on the way to Muthazhagu Patti
DindugalPuthupattiKalliyadi BramhamPuthupatti near Vada Madurai
DindugalKasavanampattiNirvana Mounaguru SwamyIn Kasavanampatti Asram and Samadhi Koil
ErodeSennimalaiPunnakku SiddharInside Sennimalai Murugan Koil
Kaliyakkavilai (Tamilnadu)ThiruvithamcodeMagadi Siddhar alais Makkadi SiddharMakkadi Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi Alayam Location: Pudupalli Amaravathi Karai, Thiruvithangodu
KanchipuramKanchipuramSri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy SwamigalSankara Madam, Kanchipuram.
KanchipuramKanchipuramSadguru SivasamiVellaikulam Street, Periya Kanchipuram
KanchipuramKanchipuramKarapasavaraja Desikendrar5, Panchupettai Small Street, Kanchipuram - 2
KanchipuramKanchipuramKalanginatharEkamparanathar Temple, Kanchipuram
KanchipuramKanchipuramKachiappa MunivarTiruvavaduthurai Aatheenam, Kanchi Pilliayar Palayam, Puthupalayam.
KanchipuramKalavaiKanchi kamakoti Peetathipathis Chandrasekhara and Mahadeva SwamiSankara Madam, Kalavai
KanchipuramKanchipuramSiva Swami alias Poda SwamiSiva Swami Madam, Near cremation ground, Kanchipuram
KanchipuramKanchipuramUpanishad BrahmendrarUpanishad Brahmendrar Madam, Kanchipuram (on the way from kanchipuram to kailasanathar temple
KanchipuramKanchipuramSumatheendra TheertharSumatheendra Theerthar Brindavanam, Kanchipuram
KanchipuramGovindavadiThaandavaraya SwamigalThanndavaraya Swamigal Madam, Govindavadi (near Kanchipuram)
KanchipuramKanchipuramKanchipuram DargahKanchipuram
KanchipuramAmbiKanchi Kamakoti Peetathipathi Adhyatma PrakasaSankara Madam, Ambi (near Kanchipuram)
KanchipuramAppurPatanjali SwamigalSingaperumal koil->Tirukachur-> Oragadam-> Appur bus stand-> Karumariamman putthu koil (Agasthiar Ashramam)
KanchipuramVellarai villageRaja Raja Baba SiddharVellarai village near Kollathur in Sriperumbudur. Contact – Raja Raja Adiyargal: 9443518164
KanchipuramSriperumbudurArulveli Siddhar alais Sathguru Baba SwamigalC/o Sri V. Devaraj, 'Siddhar Kudil', VGP Ramanujam Tower, Sriperumbudur Taluka, Po: Vyalur, Kancheepuram District, Pin: 600105. Location: The Siddhar's Samadhi is 4 to 6 kms from Rajiv Gandhi's memorial in Vadamangalam village. Cell: 9840115127, 9840217063
KarnatakaUlsoor, BangaloreSri Odukathur SwamigalOdukathur Swamigal Mutt, Dhandayudapani Temple, 13, Gangadara Chetty Road, Bangalore- 560 042
KarurKarurKaruvoorarNear Pasupatheeswarar Temple, Karur
KarurNeroorSadasiva BramhendrarOn the backside of Siva Temple
KeralaEdapallykottaSree Vidyadhiraja Chattambi SwamigalVidyadhiraja Chattambi Swamigal Mahasamadhi Peedom, Edapallykotta. (Between 'Kollam' and 'Karunagappally').
KeralaVadakaraSri Sivananda ParamahamsarSivananda Paramahamsar Jeeva Samadhi Alayam , Vadakara
KeralaKanjankaduSri Ramadas SwamigalRamadas Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Kanjankadu
KeralaKaladiAryamba DeviAryamba Devi Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Sankaracharya Madam, Kaladi, Kerala (Near Thrissur). .
KeralaAlathurNirmalananda YogiBrahamanda Swami Shivayogi Ashram, Alathur
KeralaAlathurBrahmananda Swami ShivayogiBrahamanda Swami Shivayogi Ashram, Alathur
KeralaAlathurYogini MathaBrahamanda Swami Shivayogi Ashram, Alathur
KeralaPalakkadKrishna VadhyarOn the banks of Soka Nasini River, Palakkad
KeralaPalakkadMathru Jada VallabharOn the banks of Soka Nasini River, Palakkad
KeralaPalakkadViswanatha BhagavatharOn the banks of Soka Nasini River, Palakkad
KeralaPalakkadVaidyanatha VadhyarOn the banks of Soka Nasini River, Palakkad
KeralaPalakkadChellappa DeekshidarOn the banks of Soka Nasini River, Palakkad
KeralaPalakkadYagnendra DeekshidarOn the banks of Soka Nasini River, Palakkad
KeralaPanmanaSree Vidhyadhiraja Chattambi SwamikalAbout 100 kms to the North through the National Highway from Trivandrum Airport , 16 kms north of Quilon
KovilpattiPasuvanthanaiSangu Swamy25 Kms from Kovilpatti at Pasuvanthanai Village
KovilpattiOothupattiOoothupatti Swamy10 Kms from Kovilpatti-Gurumalai route at Oothupatti Village
KovilpattiKazhugumalaiSubbramaniya GuruNear New Bus Stand at Arumugha Nagar 01st Street
KumbakonamKumbakonamSri Vijendra SwamigalGuru of Sri Raghavendra Swamigal - at Soliappa Street, Kumbakonam
KumbakonamAthanur5 Vaishanava AcharyarsAthanur at Kumbakonam
KumbakonamThiruvalangadu,Munji Kesa MunivarMunji Kesa Munivar Alayam, Thiruvalangadu
KumbakonamKumbakonamSri Govinda DikshitharAdi Kumbeswarar Temple, Kumbakonam
KumbakonamKanchanurSivanandar and Paramanandar (sishyas of Kanjanur Swayamprakasar)In the Kasi Vishwanathar temple where Swayam prakasar has his samadhi
KumbakonamKumbakonamAgathiyar (Kumba Muni)Kumbeswarar Koil, Kumbakonam
KumbakonamKumbakonamMouna SwamyMounaswamy Madam, Near Kumbeswarar Koil, Kumbakonam
KumbakonamKumbakonamArunachala SwamySouth of Mounaswamy Madam, Kumbeswarar Koil, Kumbakonam
KumbakonamThirupuvanamViralimalai Sadasiva SwamyNear Sivan Temple, Thirupuvanam. 8 Kms from Kumbakonam
KumbakonamSwamimalaiSachidananda SwamiIn the Banks of Kaveri river inside Government Higher Secondary School. 9 Kms from Kumbakonam
KumbakonamAduthuraiChaithanya SivamIn the route of Aduthurai-Suryanar Koil. Amman Temple near the bridge. On the back of amman temple inside a compound near Ganapathy Sanctum, the samadhi
KumbakonamKanchanurHara HantharNorth West of Maniyakulam Shore in Kanchanoor
KumbakonamKanchanurSwyam PrakasarSouth of Maniyakulam Shore in Kanchanoor - In Kasi Viswanathar Temple, near Dakshinamoorthy Sanctum a linga pradhishta
KumbakonamKanchanurVaithyalinga SwamySouth of Maniyakulam Shore in Kanchanoor - Opposite southwards of Kasi Viswanathar Temple
KumbakonamAndan VillageKarai Siddhar13 Kms from Kumbakonam in Andan Koil Village - On the backside of Hanuman Temple
KumbakonamKoonthalurRoma RishiKoonthalur Jambukaranyeswarar Temple. 10 Kms from Kumbakonam
MaduTiruparamkundramMootai SwamigalMootai Swamigal Madam, Tiruparamkundram
MaduariMaduraiSundaranandarMeenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai
MaduraiK.RengapalayamSri Muniyandi Swamigal25 Kms from Madurai
MaduraiKakkathoppuThalaivirichan SwamigalThalaivirichan Madam, Kakkathoppu.
MaduraiMaduraiNakeerarShiva Temple, Sangapulavar Temple, West Masi Street
MaduraiKakkathoppuMuthu PillaiSubedar Madam, Near Thalaivirichan madam
MaduraiSimmakkalVellaiyah SwamiVellaiyah Swami Madam, Simmakkal
MaduraiAvaniyapuramBrahmananda SwamiBrahmananda Swami Madam, Below Avanyapuram Bridge
MaduraiMaduraiKuttiah SwamiKuttiah Swami Madam, South Veli Street
MaduraiAndalpuramVivekananda SwamiVivekananda Swami Madam, Below Andalpuram Bridge
MaduraiAndalpuram1008 Surendra Brahma Nishta Sivananda SwamigalAdjacent to Vivekananda Swami Madam, Below Andalpuram Bridge
MaduraiSimmakkalSridharendra SwamigalDakshinamurthi Madam, Vyasaraya Madam Lane, Pechiamman Padithurai
MaduraiMaduraiThiruvaduthurai Sdheenam Second PeetathipathiCentral Cinema-Backside Within
MaduraiKalavasalKuzhandai Ananda SwamigalKuzhandai Anandar Madam, Near V.V complex, Kalavasal
MaduraiTiruparamkundramTiruparankundram DargahTiruparankundram Hill
MaduraiTiruparankundramMachamuni SiddharKasi viswanathar Temple, Tiruparankundram
MaduraiGoripalayamGoripalayam DargahGoripalayam
MaduraiKatha KinaruNatana Gopala Nayagi SwamigalNatana Gopala Nayagi Brindavanam, Kadha kinaru(on the way to Azhakar Koil from periyar bus stand)
MaduraiThiruvedagamSattainatharSattainathar Madam, Thiruvedagam
MaduraiCholavandanArulananda SiddharKinni Madam, Backside of Janaka Mariamman Temple, Sholavandan
MaduraiCholavandanGnana DesikarGnaniyar Madam, Near Kinni madam, Sholavandan
MaduraiKodimangalamOthai Jadai SwamigalOthai Jadai Swamigal Madam, Kodimangalam
MaduraiTirupuvanamKasinatha GnanachariyarKasinatha Gnanachariyar Madam, Thirupoovanam
MaduraiT.KallupattiEli SwamiEli Swami Koil, Peraiyur(near T.Kallupatti)
MaduraiT.KallupattiPaattaiyah SwamiPaattaiyah Koil, Saalichandai(near T.Kallupatti)
MaduraiT.KallupattiPaal PazhakariPaattaiyah Koil, Saalichandai(near T.Kallupatti)
MaduraiK.RengapalayamSri KamalanandharInside the Pond near Selliamman Koil in K.Rengapalayam. 30 Kms from Madurai enroute to Rajapalayam near T.Kunnathur
MaduraiTiruparamkundramMookiah SwaimgalOn the backside of Thyagaraja Engineering College, Tiruparamkundram
MaharashtraDwarkamai-ShirdiShri Shirdi Sai BabaDwarkamai-Shirdi
MaharashtraGaneshpuri, District ThaneBhagwan NityanandaGurudev Siddha Peeth, P O Ganeshpuri, District Thane - 401 206, Maharashtra
MayiladuthuraiSiddharkaduSriKazhi Sitrambala NaadigalSitrambala Naadigal Madaalayam, Siddharkadu
MayiladuthuraiKoorainaduPaal SwamyThirumanchana Street, Koorai Nadu, Mayiladuthurai - Opposite too Rotary Metrculation School.
MayiladuthuraiKoorainaduManivasaga SwamyOn the Banks of Kaveri River at Koorai Nadu in Mayiladuthurai.
MayiladuthuraiMayiladuthuraiSudukattu SwamyDoor No:25, Darumapuram Salai, Mayiladuthurai
MayiladuthuraiMayiladuthuraiYoga Abhirami AmmayarMurugan Temple, Kacheri Street, Mayiladuthurai.
MayiladuthuraiMayiladuthuraiKuthampai SiddharSiva Temple, Mayiladuthurai.
MayiladuthuraiMayiladuthuraiPaai Katti SwamyMayiladuthurai GH Compound.
MayiladuthuraiSiddharkaduKaazhi Sitrambala SwamigalKaazhi Sitrambala Naadi, Siddharkadu. 3 Kms from Mayiladuthurai
MayiladuthuraiKuthalamUrikatti SwamiShetrapalapuram, Kuthalam.
MayiladuthuraiMathirimangalamRoad Swamy (Sivaramakrishna Swamy)South of rice mill, Mathirimangalam. 12 Kms from Mayiladuthurai.
MayiladuthuraiKuthalamSethu Bhava SwamyInside a wood cutting mill in between Kuthalam-Thirumancherry.
MelurVadakkan PattiNaga Natha SwamyFrom Melur-Eeriyur-Thiruppathur road. At Vadakkanpatti Village
NagapatinamPoikai NallurKorakkar SiddharNorth of Poikai Nallur. 6 Kms from Nagapatinam
NagapatinamNagapatinamAzhukuni SiddharNeelayatatchi Devi and Siva Temple
NagapattinamNagapattinamPundariga MaharishiKaya Roganam Shiva Temple,
NagerkoilAmarvilaiKasilinga Swami and Sankara Linga Swami2 Km from Amaravilai Sales Tax Check Post enroute Trivandrum-Nagerkoil
NagerkoilMandaikadu - Neyoor P.OMounaguru Swamy1 Km from Mandaikadu at Lakshmipuram
NagerkoilMandaikaduBhairava SiddharMandaikadu Bagavathi Temple is the Samadhi. 35 Kms from Nagerkoil
NagerkoilSwamithoppuVaigundar Ayya10 Kms from Nagerkoil
NagerkoilMaruthuva MalaiSadguru Nayanar SwamiAt the foothills of Maruthuvamalai. Pothayadi is the place.
NamakkalReddiapatti KanthagiriThuravi Veri GovindasamyMurugan Temple on top of hill. 3 Kms Enroute Namakkal-Thurayur
NamakkalThattagiriSwyam Prakasa SwamigalGet down at Samiyar Kadu Bus Stop. Thattagiri Thathareyar Temple
PalaniPalaniBogar SiddharNear Palani Murugan Temple
PalaniPalaniSadhu SwamigalSadhu Swamigal Madam, Palani
PalaniPalaniEeswara PattarEnroute from Palani-Madurai near Arts College
PandruttiThiruthalurArul Nandhi SivachariyarOpposite to Sivan Temple, Thiruthalur. 10 Kms from Pandurutti.
PandruttiThiruvennainallurMeikandarNorth Street, Thiruvennainallur. 20 Kms from Thirukoilur.
PollachiVettaikaranputhurAzhukku SwamyIn Uppa River near Vettaikara Swamy Temple
PondicherryKaruvadi KuppamSiddhananda SwamigalKaruvadiKuppam opp to Fatima higher secondary school
PondicherryPondicherrySri Thollakadhu SwamigalManakkula Vinayakar Temple,
PondicherryMuthialpettaiSri Akka SwamigalNear Ajantha Theatre, Kuthiraikulam, Muthialpettai
PondicherryPondicherryNagalinga SwamigalAmbalathadiyar Madam, Ambalathadiyar Madathu Veedhi,, Near Raja Theatre)
PondicherrySithankudiKathirvel SwamigalKathirvel Swamigal Temple, Near Balaji Theatre, Sitthankudi.
PondicherryKaramanikuppamSakthiVel Paramananda SwamigalSakthivel Paramananda Swamigal Temple, Karamanikuppam
PondicherryThattanchavadiKambili SwamigalKambili Swamigal Temple, Thattanchavadi
PondicherryThennalDakshinamurthy SwamigalDakshinamurthy Swamigal Temple, Thennal
PondicherryEellapillaichavadiSubramanya Abinava Satchidananda BharathiSubramanya Abinava Satchidananda Bharathi Temple, Near Nellithoppu, Eellapillaichavadi
PondicherryChinna Babu SamudramBade SaibuBade Saibu Dargah, Chinna Babu Samudram
PondicherryArumathapuramThengai SwamigalNear Arumathapuram Railway gate
PondicherryArumathapuramRam Paradesi SwamigalSri Ram Paradesi Swamigal Temple, Near Arumathapuram Railway Gate on the way to Villiyanur)
PondicherryNallathurSri Sivaprakasa SwamigalSri Sivaprakasa Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Temple, Nallathur, Between Pakkam Kootrode & Embalam)
PondicherryKandamangalamSri Gurusamy AmmayarSri Gurusamy Ammayar Jeeva Samadhi Temple, Sanmarga Nilayam, Kandamangalam, Villupuram Taluk
PondicherryPondicherryAurobindoAurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
PondicherryPondicherryDivine Mother MarryAuroville, Pondicherry
PudukottaiPudukottaiJudge SwamyNorth of Pudukottai - Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple compound
PudukottaiArimazham VillageKodaganallur Sundara Swami16 Kms from Pudukottai. Friend of Vallalar & Guru of Sundaram Pillai
PudukottaiVadukapattiSuruli SwamiEnroute to Pudukotti-Trichy near Keeranur
RajapalayamRajapalayamGuru SwamyAmbala Puli Bazar, Rajapalyam
RajapalayamRajapalayamSivakami NjaniyarAmbala Puli Bazar, Rajapalyam
RajapalayamRajapalayamArumugha SwamyAmbala Puli Bazar, Rajapalyam
RajapalayamRajapalayamPonnappa Njaniyar and Karuppa NjaniyarAmbala Puli Bazar, Rajapalyam
RajapalayamRajapalayamKumarandi SwamyRajapalayam-Tenkasi route near PSK Park, Vivekananda Street
RajapalayamSathirapattiArunachala chempatti NjaniyarSathirapatti
RajapalayamSathirapattiSubramaniyarSubramaniyar Vedanta Madam, Sathirapatti
RamanathapuramVelipattinam LakshipuramThayumanavar SwamiNorth side of Ramanathapuram - Velipattinam Lakshmipuram to be exace
RamanathapuramPanaikulamChithramuthu AdigalPanaikulam near Ramanathapuram
RamanathapuramEkkakudi near UtharakosamangaiArulmighu Chellappa SwamigalGuru of Sri Soottukol Mayandi Swamigal
RameswaramRameswaramPathanjali SiddharIn Rameswaram Ramalinga Swami Temple, Rameswaram
SalemSalemMayammaEnroute to Salem-Yerkadu opposite to Modern Theatre Cinema Studio
SalemKanchamalaiKanchamalai SiddharFoothills of Kanchamalai - Siddheswara Swamy Temple
SalemSkandasramamSandanandha SwamigalDisciple of Soottukkol Mayandi Swamigal
SalemJagirammapalayamPavai AmmalSri Kavadi Palani Andavar Asramam, Jagirammapalayam, Salem
Sankaran KoilSankaran KoilPampatti SiddharSankaran Koil-Puliyankudi route
Sankaran KoilPanayurSankaranarayanan and DakshinamoorthyAt Panayur. 7 Kms from Karivalam Vanthanallur near Sankaran Koil
Sankaran KoilKarivalam VanthanallurPanchamurthy (Pothi Swamy)Karivalam Vanthanallur - Enroute Sankaran Koil-rajapalayam
Sankaran KoilSennikulamSennikulam Annamalai ReddiarSennikulam 3 Kms from Karivalam Vantha Nallur
Sankaran KoilPampakkoilMadhavanantha SwamyNear Papmppakoil Railway Station
SathuragiriThaniparaiMoovar SamadhiOpposite to Pechiamman Koil at the foothills.
SivagangaiKottayurViralimalai Arumuga SwamyIn Kottaiyur Town Extension. 3 Kms from Karaikudi
SivagangaiSingampunariVathiyar Swamy (Muthu Vadukesa Swamy)Near Singampunari Bus Stand. 20 Kms from Thirupathur
SivagangaiManamaduraiSadhasiva BrahmendrarSomanathar Temple, Manamadurai. 18 Kms from Sivaganga
SrivilliputhurSrivilliputhurKailasa Sundara SwamyKaikatti Temple. Srivilliputhur-Sivakasi Road
SrivilliputhurSrivilliputhurPonnayiram SwamyUranai Patti Street in Srivilliputhur
SrivilliputhurS.RamachandrapuramKalimuthu Swamy15 Kms from Srivilliputhur
TanjavurThirupoonthuruthiNarayana Theertha SwamigalNarayana Theertha Madaalayam, Thirupoonthuruthi (20 km from Tanjore)
TanjavurThirupoonthuruthiKasyapa MunivarKasi Madam, Thirupoonthuruthi
TanjavurThirupoonthuruthiSankaraanandarSankaraananda Madam, Thirupoonthuruthi, Near Kasi madam
TanjavurThiruvaiyarThyaga Brahma SwamigalThyagarajar Madam, Thiruvaiyaru (4 km from Thirupoonthuruthi)
TanjavurThiruvaiyaruAgappei SiddharPanchanadheeswarar Temple, Thiruvaiyaru
TanjavurSeerkazhiSattai MunivarSattainathar Temple, Seerkazhi
TanjavurSeerkazhiThiru Gnana SambandarThiru Gnana Sambandar Madam, Achalpuram (near Sirkali)
TanjavurPoondiSt. Lourdes XavierPoondi Basilica, Poondi (on the way from Thirupoonthuruthi to Thirukaatupalli)
TanjavurThiruvidaimaruthurBhadragiriyaarMahalingeswarar Temple, Thiruvidaimaruthur
TanjavurMuzhiyarAadhi Sivaprakaasa SwamigalSivaprakaasa Swami Madam, Muzhaiyur (near Thirunageswaram)
TanjavurKanjanurHaradatharHaradathar Temple, Kanjanur
TanjavurThiruvidaimaruthurSri Sridara AyyavalMahalingeswarar Temple, Thiruvidaimaruthur
TanjavurKaranthaiPaal SwamyPaal Swamy Madam, Old Thiruvaiyaru Salai, Karanthai.
TanjavurThiruvaiyarAka Pei SiddharThiruvaiyar Siva Temple. Inside the temple near to Sandikeswar sanctum. 12 Kms from Tanjavur
TanjavurThiruvaiyarSiddesharOpposite to Thiruvaiyar Iyyarappar Temple
TanjavurThiruvaiyarSingapore Swamy (Murugesan Sami)Singapore Swamy Madam, Thiruvaiyar
TanjavurThiruvaiyarAndar SwamyMelamadavilakom, Thiruvaiyar
TanjavurKaduveliKaduveli SiddharKaduveli Akasapureeswarar Koil. 2 Kms inThiruvaiyar-Thirukattupalli route
TenkasiTenkasiSad guru Ganapathi SwamyInside Murugan Cement Works Compound, Tenkasi.
TenkasiTirumalaikoilSivakami Paradesi AmmayarIn Vandadum Pottal near Tirumalai Murugan Koil at Tenkasi
TenkasiPranurArumugha SwamyPranur - 8 Kms from Tenkasi - Near the River Bridge - inside a Thopu
TenkasiKutralamSankaranantha SwamySankara Asramam, Kutralam.
TenkasiKadayanallurChandira SwamyNear Hanuman Temple, Kadayanallur - 15 Kms from Tenkasi
TenkasiKutralamSri Mouna SwamiSri Siddheswari Peetham, Mouna swamy Matam, Dattatreya Ashramam, Courtallam-627802, Tirunellvellli Dist., Tamilnadu, Phone Nos: 0091-4633- 322707 / 328578
TenkasiKutralamSri Trivikrama Ramananda Bharaty SwamiIn Sri Siddeswari Peetam, Kutralam
TenkasiKutralamSri Vimalananda Bharaty SwamiIn Sri Siddeswari Peetam, Kutralam
ThanjavurPattukottaiVenkidu Subbaiah SwamigalThe saint's samadhi is entombed in the midst of Pattukkottai Town.
ThanjavurThillaivilagamAmbalavana SwamigalThillaivilagam Vadakadu (near Pattukottai)
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiIdaikadarAdi Annamalai, Thiruvannamalai
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiGugai NamachivayarMulaipal Theertham, Thiruvannamalai Hill.
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiVirupakshi DevarNear to Gugai Namachivayar Samadhi at Thiruvannamalai Hill
ThiruvannamalaiVettavalamDeivasikamani Swamy1.5 Kms from Pandariyar Kalyana Mandapam, Vettavalam.
ThiruvannamalaiAvalurpettaiEesanya DevarBetween Thiruvannamalai and Avalurpettai. On Annamalai Girivala Route.
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiEsakki SwamyOn Annamalai Girivala Route. Near Panchamuka Darshan.
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiAdimudi Siddhar (Arumugha Swamy)Opposite to Dhurvasar Temple on Annamalai Girivala Route
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiAmmani AmmalOn Annamalai Girivala Route. Opposite to Easanya Lingam.
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiAzhagananda SwamyPavazhakundru Madalayam near Durgai Amman Temple, Thiruvannamalai.
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiBaghavan Ramana MaharishiSri Ramanasramam, Thiruvannamalai
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiMahan Seshadhri SwamySri Seshadhri Asram, Thiruvannamalai
ThiruvannamalaiThiruvannamalaiYogi Ram Surat KumarSri Yogiram Surat Kumar Asram, Thiruvannamalai
ThiruvannamalaiPolurVittobah SwamyVittobah Asram, Polur. 33 Kms enroute from Thiruvannamalai-Vellore
ThiruvannamalaiPoondiPoondi MahanPoondi Village near Kalasapakkam
ThiruvannamalaiAvalurpettaiPazhani Swamy & Erai SwamyNear Ganapathi Temple in Sandhai Medu in Avalurpettai
ThiruvannamalaiKanalappadiSadguru SwamyKanalapadi in between Thiruvannamalai and Senji
ThiruvaroorPuthurAnnan Aruanchalla swamigalPuthur village in Thiruvaroor, Opposite to the rice mil
ThiruvaroorMayavaramSudukattu SwamigalSudukatu swamigal madam, opposite Rajan Thottam,Thimmana Naicker
ThiruvarurNannilamThandavaraya Swamy & Narayana SwamyMain Bazar, Nannilam. 18 Kms from Thiruvarur
ThiruvarurSanna NallurChinnan SwamyIn Sanna Nallur in between Thiruvarur - Mayiladuthurai
ThiruvarurVanchiyamRamiah SwamyIn Pappanamcherry near Vanchiyam
ThiruvarurMannarkudiVattar Mouna guru SwamyThenvadal 6th Street, Mannarkudi near Gopinatha Perumal Temple
ThiruvarurSengalipuramRamananda BramendrarSengalipuram. 4 Kms from Kudavasal
ThiruvarurThiruvarurDakshinamoorthyMadappuram, Thiruvarur
ThiruvarurThiruvarurKamala Muni SiddharThiruvarur Anandeeswarar Sannadhi
ThiruvavaduthuraiThiruvavaduthuraiKongana SiddharIn a pond in a compound near Indian Overseas Bank. Called Konganeswarar Thoppu.
ThiruvavaduthuraiThiruvavaduthuraiThirumaligai ThevarInside Thiruvavaduthurai Atheena Madam
TiruchendurTiruchendurMouna Guru SwamyOpposite to Murugan Temple
TiruchendurTiruchendurKasi SwamyOpposite to Murugan Temple
TiruchendurTiruchendurArumugha SwamyOpposite to Murugan Temple
TiruchendurTiruchendurSankara SwamiOn the beach, south to where Soorasamhara festival takes place
TiruchendurTiruchendurSadguru Samhara Moorthy SwamyNear Sankara Swami Samadhi
TiruchendurKulasekarapatnamNjaniyar Adigal14 Kms from Tiruchendur at Kulasekaranpattinam
TiruchendurEralEral Arunachala SwamyEral is 6 Kms from Tiruchendur-Tuticorin route
TiruchendurTiruchendurBrahma Gnana Gurubhiran Ayyanpatti Sankara SwamigalJeeva Samadhi temple of Brahma Gnana Gurubhiran Ayyanpatti Sankara Swamigal Madam, Tiruchendur
TirunelveliPettaiThadiyilla SiddharAt the end of Pettai, Tirunelveli town
TirunelveliPalamadaiNeelakanta DeekshidarAt Palamadai Village in Kasi Viswanathar Temple - 14 Kms from Tirunelveli
TirunelveliNetturApparanantharGet down at Alamkulam and go to Nettur (8 Kms)
TirunelveliVallanaduVallanadu Chithampara SwamyVallanadu enroute Tirunelveli-Tuticorin
TiruparamkundramTiruparamkundramKattikulam Mayandi SwamyBack side of Thyagaraja Engg. College, Tiruparamkundram, Madurai
TiruparamkundramTiruparamkundramSomappa SwamyFrom Mayandi Swamy Samadhi to Hill Murugan Temple
TiruparamkundramTiruparamkundramMachamuni SiddharTiruparamkundram Murugan Temple
TiruvannamalaiTiruvannamalaiIsanya Gnana DesikarIsanya Madam, On Giri Valam Route
TiruvannamalaiTiruvannamalaiAdi Mudi SiddharAdi Mudi Siddhar Temple, On Giri Valam Route
TiruvannamalaiTiruvannamalaiEsakki SiddharEsakki Siddhar Temple, On Giri Valam Route
TiruvannamalaiAthimurVettaveli SwamigalVettaveli Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Temple, Athimur (on the way from Polur to Javvadu Malai)
TiruvannamalaiDesurSri Masthan SwamigalDisciple of Ramana Maharishi - Desur 17 Kms from Tiruvannamalai.
TiruvarurMudikondanSri Swayamprakasananda Saraswati Swami (Alangudi Periyavaa)Nama Dwaar, New No.51, Old No.24, 7th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-600083, India, Ph. - 91 44-24895875
TiruvarurMannargudiArulmighu Soottukkol Ramalinga SwamigalThe contact address is: Kalaimagan G.Kamaraj, 30/4 Gopala Samuthiram North Street, Mannarkudi - 614 001. Phone: +91-4367-221060; Cell: +91-09443503926.
TrichyTrichyMakkan SwamyOn the way to Oyamari from Trichy Satthiram Bus stand
TrichyPinna VasalYogeswara Swamy (Ramakrishna Swamy)In the shores of Palguni River in Pinnavasal.
TrichyKattuputhurNarayana BrahmendrarIn Trichy - Salem route; 14 Kms from Thottiyam - North of Kaveri River
TrichyPerampalurThalayatti SiddharIn Moosa Kottai Asramam, Bramha Rishi Hills. 60 Kms from Trichy
TrichySenthuraiMeivara ThampiranPalaniyandavar Temple, Senthurai. 20 Kms North East from Ariyalur
TrichySri RangamSri RamanujarIn Srirangam Temple. 15 Kms from Trichy
TrivandrumVarkalaSri Narayana Guru60 Kms from Trivandrum in Varkala
TrivandrumChenkottukonamBrahmasree Neelakanta GurupadarSree Rama Dasa Mission, Sree Neelakantapuram, Chenkottukonam, Thundathil P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, PIN- 695 581 Kerala
TrivandrumThycaudSri Sivaraja Yogi Ayya SwamikalAyya Swamikal Mahasamadhi Adhistanam, Sivan Koil, Thycaud Trivandrum (Ayya Swami temple), near Thycaud cremation ground
TrivandrumErithavur - BalaramapuramSri Erithavur SiddharSri Erithavur Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Erithavur Dandayudhapani koil - 20 kms from Trivandrum and near Balapuram is the temple.
TrivandrumVizhinjamLakshmi Ammal25 Kms from Trivandrum. Inside Muppanthal Isakki Amman Temple
TuticorinMudivaithanendalDr Mystic Selvam23 Kms. Enroute Tuticorin-Vakaikulam-Srivaikundam at Mudivaithanendal
TuticorinVilathikulamReddiapatti SwamigalNagalapuram. Aruppukottai-Vilathikulam 31 Kms
TuticorinVilathikulamNallappa SwamiBack side of Vilathikulam MLA Quarters
VadalurSri.Ramalinga swamigalvallalar
ValliyoorValliyoorSri Muthukrishna SwamiIn Valliyoor itself
VelloreNallan PattaraiAmutha Sidhthar@Punnakku SidhharDinakaran Bus Stop Vellore
VelloreNallan PattaraiNarasimma SwamigalDinakaran Bus stop vellore
VelloreSaidapetSathukaraswamigalSathugara Swamigal Madam Saidapet
VelloreContonment Railway StationShri Ramagiri YogiswararAsk for Ankala Parameswari Temple
VelloreMelmayilVilakshanantharVilakshananthar Maha Samathi Temple, 15 kms from Vellore
VelloreNew Bus Stand Back SideSubbaiyah SwamigalSubbaiyah Swamigal Samathi
VelloreNew Bus stand Back SideBalaji @ Veera Sivaji SwamigalLocated in Subbaiyah Swamigal Samathi
VelloreThiruvallamKoni SwamigalSivananda Mouna Swamigal Temple, Thiruvallam
VelloreVallimalaiThirupugazh Satchidananda SwamigalPongi Temple, Vallimalai
VelloreVelloreSripathi TheertharRaghavendra Brindavanam, On the banks of River Palar, Vellore
VelloreKannamangalamAchu DasarAchu Dasar Madam, Kannamangalam
VelloreThiruvirinjipuramKuppuswamy DesikarKuppuswamy Desikar Madam, Thiruvirinjipuram
VelloreVallimalaiVallimalai Thirupugazh SwamyThirupugazh Asram, Vallimalai Murugan Temple. 25 Kms from Vellore.
VelloreThangalThangal Mounaguru SwamyThangal Mounaguru Swami Aalayam, Thangal. 37 Kms from Vellore.
VelloreKangeyanallurThiru Muruga KripanandavariarOpposite to Murugan Temple, Kangeyanallur. 7 Kms from Vellore
VellorePasumathurOm Namasivaya SwamyNamasivayan Temple main sanctum is the samadhi. 25 Kms from Vellore
VelloreVelloreThoubah SwamyDoor No:25, Saidapet Main Bazar, Vellore.
VelloreThiruvallamSivananda Mounaguru SwamiSivananda Mounaguruswamy Madam, Vilvanatha Eeswarar Temple, Thiruvallam. 16 Kms from Vellore
VelloreThiruvallamSanakarOpposite to Vilvanatha Eeswarar Temple, Thiruvallam. 16 Kms from Vellore
VelloreBalamathi MalaiEgangi Gopala Ramanuja Dasar SwamigalMaha Samathi
VillupuramMailamBalayyah siva pragasa swamigalMailam temple, Mailam to Pondy Road
VillupuramThiruvakaraiKundali MunivarThiruvakarai Temple
VillupuramTiruamathurVannacharapam Dhandapani SwamyKoumara Madam, Tiruamathur. 6 Kms from Villupuram
VillupuramTirukoilurNjanananda Giri Swamy3 Kms in between Tirukoilur and Thiruvannamalai. 34 Kms from Villupuram
VillupuramTirukoilurSri Gnanananda SwamigalSri Gnanananda Niketan Tapovanam, P.O. 605 756 Villupuram, R.P. District, Tamil Nadu, 45 Kms from Villupuram
ViruthachalamAandimadamKumara DevarIn between Viruthachalam-Aandimadam
ViruthachalamViruthachalamThatha SwamyNorth West of Pazhamalainathar Temple - at the banks of Manimutha River
ViruthachalamViruthachalamNirvana Muthukumara SwamyNear to Thatha Swamy Samadhi
ViruthachalamViruthachalamSiva Palani NjaniNear to Thatha Swamy Samadhi

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